Other Arborist Services

Stump removal

Our stump grinders vary in size from 18 hp to 100 hp. They include small machines being ideal for tight access, to larger machines for volume stump jobs or very large individual stumps. The stump is ground as deeply as possible with the roots severed preventing regrowth, removing trip hazards and allowing for repainting or resurfacing.
storm cleanup

Storm damage cleanup and insurance work.

We offer prompt storm damage clear up of damaged or fallen trees for either private clients or insurance claims.   Contact Nick on 0418 562 115 for a free inspection and quote.

Other Services

habitat boxes

Bird and bat boxes can help local wildlife.

We offer a range of services not just cutting bits off trees! These include:

  • Tree cabling and dynamic bracing
  • Installation of possum guards
  • Habitat hollow creation
  • Bird, possum and bat boxes installed and maintained
  • Christmas lights installed
  • Pest and disease control
  • Specialist tree health treatment
  • Mulch and firewood sales

We also have a network of consulting arborists who can help you with assessments, reports and planning requirements for trees in construction sites.

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