Developers & Commercial Arborist Work


Are you a Developer looking to clear a block for development? GVP Arbor Services has had extensive experience working with developers and can provide you with realistic options for dealing with trees on your development site.

We are familiar with local planning laws of different councils around Melbourne.  We have strong relationships built with many councils being a company that complies with planning regulations and upholds a high standard of work.  Contact Nick on 0418 562 115 for a free inspection and quote.

Melbourne airport tree pruningCommercial Tree Work

We have extensive experience in commercial tree pruning and removal work. Past clients include Melbourne Airport and various large development companies involved in building large housing estates throughout Melbourne.  This involved work on ancient red gums and establishing new street and park trees. We are fully insured and all work done by our qualified arborists complies with the Australian tree pruning standards AS4373-2007.

We have experience with traffic control and posses the machinery necessary undertake large commercial jobs.   Contact Nick on 0418 562 115 for a free inspection and quote.